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Welcome to TubeScreamer Mods!

Welcome to TubeScreamer Mods where we’re dedicated to the modification of the greatest overdrive pedal ever, the Ibanez TubeScreamer. We perform mods from “true bypass” to circuit upgrades and custom switching to have your TubeScreamer deliver world-class tone. About TSM We offer professional grade modifications for every series of Tube Screamer (Ibanez TS5, TS7, TS808, […]

How To Order

Mod Your Pedal – If you are sending us your pedal, first purchase the mods desired by clicking on the “buy now” button that correlates with the desired mod on the TS MODS page. Print and include your paypal receipt as well as your return shipping address and send them to: TubeScreamerMods, 477 Hurt Road […]